Nine Holers

Half the holes but not lacking in quality

Here we take a brief look at some of the best nine-hole golf courses in the United Kingdom.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played extensively throughout Great Britain & Ireland and below he gives his personal top nine-hole golf courses. However, we would love to hear your own recommendations so that we can expand the list.

Two courses that we would dearly love to include but obviously, and numerically, can't are the 12-hole layouts at Shiskine and Rye (Jubilee). The 10-hole links at Dunnerholme is another that agonisingly missed out. It was also debated long and hard if the nine-hole relief courses at Castlerock, Cruden Bay and Burnham & Berrow should be included since they play second fiddle to the main championship courses but in the end we gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, the 3rd loops at Prince's and Carne were not included as were other 27-hole venues.

What is for sure is that the below list would be more extensive and even higher quality if a number of previous nine-hole venues hadn't added another, usually mediocre at best, nine holes to their existing layouts.

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