A cracking linksy nine-holer with dunes


Warkworth Golf Club

Date Reviewed
February 26, 2015
Reviewed by Ed Battye
Warkworth is a delightful Old Tom Morris nine-holer with a lovely ‘linksy’ feel to it.

A quick loop of this nine-hole course on a beautiful February afternoon was highly enjoyable with the second and third holes proving to be the real stars of the show.

After a dropping 230 yard par three to start with the next two holes are played close to huge sand dunes that run along the beautiful North Sea coastline.

The second has a superb undulating fairway, especially as you near the green, whilst the angled drive at the third is a real thriller played to a fairway on higher ground yet set in a shallow valley.

The rest of the course, played on higher land still, doesn’t quite live up to the impressive standard set by the two aforementioned gems but it doesn’t disappoint either. The green complex at the fourth is good whilst the fifth is an excellent long hole with an angled ridge running close to the green that will throw a not quite perfect approach away from the green. It appeared that the best line in was from the right hand side which is extremely close to the cliff-tops. Great stuff!

The final four holes make an abrupt turn and head back to the clubhouse in a linear direction with out-of-bounds all the way down the right. There didn’t appear to be much advantage from going close to the boundary fence on the par fours (7, 8 & 9) and indeed the best angle into the greens was probably from the safe, inward side of the course down the left.

All in all for £8 playing here was an absolute bargain. The views from the top section of the course are worth the fee alone whilst the second and third are worthy of much praise. There are numerous teeing grounds for those wishing to play the full 18 holes and this gives the course some great flexibility and variety.

If you don’t set your expectations too high when visiting Warkworth you will come away mightily surprised and very impressed by the course.

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