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Trevose (Headland)

Trevose Golf Club (Headland)

Trevose Golf Club (Headland)

Date Reviewed
October 25, 2022
Reviewed by Ed Battye
The second course at Trevose very rarely crops in conversation but during a family holiday to the Cornish Resort I made sure to play it.

The "Headland" course is a nine-hole layout (par 35, 3031 yards) and as the name suggests plays out towards Trevose Head. It was opened in 1993 by Peter Alliss.

There are some decent holes on the course which effectively plays as five holes out and four holes back. It is likely to be less busy than the main course and as it says on the tin; caters for all abilities.

I was particularly keen to see if the course would fall under the "links" category and I'm pleased to report that it just about does. The course starts adjacent to the 13th hole on the main course before racing out onto the headland, where the turf remains linksy, before retracing its steps.

The course is a clear step up from the "Short" course that is also on site and will demand a lot more from your game. Both par-threes require at least a long iron and the shortest two-shotter is the last hole at 316-yards.

The green sites are not overly compelling and overall there is not too much movement in the land. The fact that no hole is straight (except the par 3s!) means that driving is a real test.

There is a lengthy walk from the 2nd green to the 3rd tee and back again from the 7th green to eighth tee. There are also a few ditches on the course and hedges are made use of on a few holes.

In fact each hole offers a distinct challenge of some sorts; the two-tiered green at the first, a blind green at the next, a narrow entrance to the third, 220-yards of length at the par-three fourth, heroic drive at five, sharp dog-leg at six, a ditch at the seventh, a hedge to drive through at eight and a fall-away green at the last.

The green fee is modest and the location of the fifth green is worth the price alone as it comes into close proximity to Booby's Bay with a delightful backdrop of sand, ocean and sky.

If you don't get chance to play the Headland course whilst at Trevose you won't have missed anything but it you are spending some time there it is certainly worth a hit.

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