A homely nine-hole links

St. David's City

St. David's City Golf Club

St. David's City Golf Club

Date Reviewed
June 7, 2023
Reviewed by Ed Battye
In my quest to play all the true links golf courses in Great Britain & Ireland I thought I had just about seen everything but then along comes St. David’s City Golf Club!

This homely nine-hole course, instituted in 1903, was not included in the “True Links” book but it most certainly should have been. It’s only a short course – just over 3,000 yards and par 35 for the nine holes - but the turf throughout is excellent and there are a handful of very good holes.

The course has nine greens but on two of the holes you play to a different flag! This is at the 3rd/12th and 5th/14th holes, both of which are two-tiered greens with one flag on each level.

The best hole on the course is the 3rd and plays down the hill (as do the 1st and 8th) before you play to the ‘double’ green with a wonderful backdrop of Whitesands Bay. The 8th also has a fabulous green complex.

They say what goes up must come down but at St. David’s City it is the opposite. As mentioned the 1st, 3rd and 8th all play down the slope whilst the 2nd, 5th and 9th all come back up the other way. The 7th plays along the top of the linksland whilst the 4th and 6th are par-threes.

It’s a compact property but it makes good use of the natural feature and if you ever find yourself in this corner of Pembrokeshire I would highly recommend seeking this course out.

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