If you are visiting Portmarnock you really should play all 27 holes

Portmarnock (Yellow)

Portmarnock Golf Club (Yellow)

Portmarnock Golf Club (Yellow)

Date Reviewed
April 24, 2023
Reviewed by Ed Battye
The Yellow nine at Portmarnock Golf Club was created by Fred Hawtree in 1971 and plays mostly inside the Red and Blue nines which comprise the ‘Old’ championship course.

This newer nine ties in very nicely with the main course though and if you switched out either the Red or the Blue for the Yellow you wouldn’t notice a considerable drop in quality. Indeed, there are a couple of standout holes on this loop which are amongst my favourite on the entire property. But of course, if you are visiting Portmarnock you really should play all 27 holes, perhaps with a nice lunch in between and a meal afterwards in the magnificent clubhouse.

The highlights of the Yellow nine for me are the two-tiered slinging fairway at the 2nd, the tricky 4th which plays through a valley of dunes to an upturned green and the 6th which climbs high into the biggest dunes on the Portmarnock estate.

The Yellow nine does play slightly shorter and isn’t quite as well bunkered in terms of both quantity and strategy but the putting surfaces are to an equally high standard as elsewhere. The yardage is 3,488 from the tips and par is 37. That yardage doesn’t include an extremely long walk from the 3rd green to the 4th tee though!

I’m not sure if it is possible to just book the Yellow nine although during the winter months the golf club often rest one of the nines for maintenance so if you have never played this loop and would like to do say it would be worth speaking to the golf on what is the best way to this. But like I said previously a day at Portmarnock, playing all 27 holes, is one of the greatest golfing days you could have.

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