Worth playing for the amazing fifth hole alone


Anstruther Golf Club

Anstruther Golf Club

Date Reviewed
February 16, 2016
Reviewed by Ed Battye
The nine-hole golf course as Anstruther has one moment of absolute brilliance, a quirky stretch of three short holes and six others that I could personally take or leave.

The course is located nine miles south of St Andrews and stretches along the shoreline between Anstruther and Pittenweem.

The sheer ballsy-ness of the par-three fifth, ‘The Rockies’, is a true moment to behold. Played at 245 yards from the back tees from a cliff-top tee location it just about gives a glimpse of the small sloping green set well below at the bottom of the cliffs. On the right you have a mountainside that is covered in all sorts of shrubbery and most certainly would lead to a lost ball whilst on the left you have a rocky shoreline with a series of highly visible white stakes indicating out-of-bounds. In between there is just a sliver of fairway to aim at for those who wish to play the hole as a two-shotter - I suspect many do just that!

The wind was battering us from the left and into our faces; I was pleased with the four I made. The hole has been voted the toughest par three in the UK by Todays Golfer in September 2007; a plaque on the tee tells you this before hitting!

Golfers should also beware of Anstruther Golf Club’s version of Amen Corner which comprises a series of three unique par 3’s starting with The Rockies, then the delightful 128-yard sixth in a secluded basin along the coast before the ludicrous seventh which although called ‘Valley’ should perhaps be named ‘Wall of Death’ for the vertical hill that must be cleared if you are to reach the green.

The rest of the course comprises six holes on much flatter terrain with the short second, set in the shadow of an impressive war memorial, the pick of the bunch.

Many golfers travelling to Fife will have no idea about this course – the village is more famous for its Fish & Chips than golf – but if you are driving through and have an hour or two to spare it might just be worth a visit – the fifth certainly is.

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