Golf World Top 100 England

Golf World England Top 100 Golf Courses List

Golf World Magazine produced a Top 100 England in March 2022 and the results can be seen below. The list makes good reading and showcases the best of English golf very nicely.

Comparing it to the equivalent lists from National Club Golfer and the Top 100 website the first course that stands out is Formby Ladies. Neither of the other two lists include it but Golf World have it at #82.

Other venues that do not appear elsewhere either are; Effingham, Foxhills (Longcross), Painswick and Stoke Park although these are all positioned in the lower fifth.

The courses which may feel a little aggrieved at not being included are; Royal Wimbledon, Remedy Oak and Chart Hills since these can be spotted in both the other publications but not here.

*JCB is also not included but this is because it was not ranked before it opened.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played all the courses on the list and below you can find links to his golf course reviews with his own personal thoughts.

You can also view other magazine rating lists.

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