Our Top Inland Courses

The best inland golf courses in Great Britain.

Golf was born by the sea but it has grown up inland and the number of non-links golf courses in Great Britain far outweigh the amount played over true linksland.

Links golf is the purest and, in our opinion, the superior form of the game, however, there is an abundance of high quality golf to be played away from links terrain. Comparing golf courses generally is not an easy task but trying to judge differing styles of layouts together is even more difficult.

In many ways it is not comparing apples with apples and since we already have our top links golf courses of Great Britain & Ireland we thought it only fair to put an inland list together. Our definition of "inland" is actually more a case of "non-links" and as such you will see some coastal and seaside courses on the list.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played several of the perceived best inland golf courses in Great Britain, from the heathland greats to the modern classics, and below he gives his Top 100 in order of personal preference.

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