Sub-Par 70

Everyone loves a 69.... or less

Par-fives are overrated. Think about it, of all the great holes in golf how many of them are par-fives?

The answer is not many. Generally speaking they are the least interesting type of hole. However, the majority of golf courses in the world will generally have at least three (often four) par-fives on their scorecard along with four or five par-threes to balance the books and give an overall par of somewhere between 70 and 72, with most leaning towards the higher end of this range.

There are of course exceptions to this and if you look closely there are some fantastic golf courses which have a par under 70. In fact when we started going through all the courses which are sub-par 70 we were astonished to see so many of our favourites. Usually par is less because there are fewer par-fives as opposed to an increased number of short holes.

We only include 18-hole golf courses in the list. That may seem harsh on the many fine nine-holers under this par but we already have a dedicated section for the best nine-hole golf courses.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played extensively throughout the United Kingdom and below he gives his personal top golf courses which are sub-par 70.

If you know any par 69 golf courses (or less) we'd love to hear your own recommendations.

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