I have so much time for golf courses like Fullarton

Troon Fullarton

Troon Fullarton Golf Club

Troon Fullarton Golf Club

Date Reviewed
July 12, 2021
Reviewed by Ed Battye
The Fullarton links is one of three courses emanating from the starters office at the Troon Municipal golf complex which is owned, managed and run by South Ayrshire Council.

The words ‘municipal’ and ‘council owned’ would simply deter some people from even considering a round at this course whilst others may head there with some trepidation.

And whilst the course may well indeed find itself down the pecking order of a golfing itinerary in Ayrshire that’s only because the quality of other nearby venues is so high and so deep.

I have so much time for golf courses like Fullarton, a true links course that plays inside the Lochgreen layout.

At just 4,829 yards (par 66) it is easy on the eye and although relatively easy on your game too it still asks you to hit a variety of shots and there are several risk-reward options thanks to the number of par fours that come in and around, and often under, the 300-yard mark.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing exceptional about this course but there is a lovely rhythm to it and you'll be round in no time. I played here with my 12 year old son and he loved the fact he could reach some of the greens in two and have a 'real' birdie putt.

On my visit in July 2021 the course was browned off beautifully and the ball was running miles. The rough had burnt off a little too so it was nice and wispy, not too punishing, and the greens were a pleasure to putt on.

The first and 17th/18th are played in the wide open area where all three Troon Municipal courses start and finish and these three holes are a little lacklustre but when you are out on the gently rippling linksland there is much to admire at this little shorty.

It is very consistent but the holes with raised green complexes definitely stood out from the rest as did the basin green at the 15th.

This course was not included in the True Links book but if the Darley and especially the Lochgreen make the grade then the Fullarton should too. It is not very close to the sea but the terrain is undoubtedly linksland.

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