Our Top Irish Links

The best links golf courses in Ireland.

In the excellent book, True Links by esteemed authors George Peper and Malcolm Campbell, the writers claim that of the 30,000+ golf courses in the world there are only 246 true links.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played all of these links courses in Northern Ireland and several throughout the Republic of Ireland and below he lists them in order of his personal preference.

We certainly do not claim this to be a definitive list so please don't be offended if you disagree with the order or your blood boils because your personal favourite languishes far too low.

It's merely one man's opinion on the many fabulous links golf courses of Ireland.

Hopefully this provides more interest than a list created by a panel which can often dilute the flavour of any given ranking.

We are always very interested in your opinions so please leave your own review.

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