Under 6000 Yards

Short and very, very sweet

The golf ball is travelling too far. As a direct result golf courses are getting longer and subsequently rounds are taking up too much time.

These are not new problems for golf but in the fast-paced modern society that we live in nowadays it has become a serious issue. Existing layouts are being undermined because of modern equipment, certainly at the elite level, whilst others are being stretched to within an inch of their life thanks to the constant need to add new tees.

Erin Hills broke new ground at the 2017 US Open with a yardage of 7,800 and there are already 'future proofed' golf courses in existence that exceed 8,000 yards. Most of the recognised top golf courses in the United Kingdom have 'championship' tees over the 7,000 yard mark and whilst there are forward tees for daily play the length of golf courses is only going one way. Rant over!

Golf is not all about length though. There are many wonderful shorter golf courses in Great Britain where creativity, course management and shot-making trump the distance that a person is able to hit the ball. They are no less enjoyable either, in fact they tend to be a lot more fun. Plus, I think most of us would rather be making birdies than bogeys anyway.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played extensively throughout the United Kingdom and below he gives his personal top golf courses under 6,000 yards.

The criteria was simple. If it is possible to play any given golf course from tees measuring 6,000 yards or more it was excluded from consideration.

We also only include 18-hole golf courses in the list. That may seem harsh on the many fine nine-holers under this yardage but we already have a dedicated section for the best nine-hole golf courses.

There were a few high profile courses that just missed out; Swinley Forest (6,122), New Zealand (6,075), Carnoustie (Burnside) (6,028), Fortrose & Rosemarkie (6,035), Golspie (6,0521), Piltdown (6,055), Moray (New) (6,084), Frilford Heath (Green) (6,015), Reddish Vale (6,086), Holyhead (6,090) and Tadmarton Heath (6,043).

To help compile the list Golfshake.com very kindly assisted by providing data to help us identify golf courses under 6,000 yards. Without their help it would have been an onerous task and this feature may well not have even been completed.

If you know any courses that play no more than 6,000 yards we'd love to hear your recommendations.

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