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The Golden Age of golf course architecture is generally regarded as being between 1910 and the late 1930's.

During this time many of the great architects were plying their trade and the vast majority of our leading golf courses were either built or dramatically shaped into their present day form. Some may argue that the period started earlier than this, even going back to the time when Old Tom Morris was frantically laying out golf courses.

What is not in doubt though is that since World War II the number of really top golf courses built in Great Britain is few and far between, particularly the 50 year period between 1940 and 1990. However, in more recent times - the past few decades - a number of new golf courses have caught the eye of the British golfing public. Most of these have been created since the turn of the millennium but for the purpose of this exercise we use 1988 as our starting point.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played extensively throughout Great Britain & Ireland and below he gives his top modern golf courses.

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