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York Golf Club

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May 5, 2013
Reviewed by Ed Battye
When one thinks of golf in York it is Fulford that normally springs to mind. Most courses are overshadowed by this powerhouse but York Golf Club, known locally as Strensall, shouldn't be.

OK, it's not in the same league as Fulford but would complement it well on a two-course visit to Yorkshire's ancient capital.

The fast running land that York Golf Club is laid out over makes for some enjoyable holes. It's not as demanding as its distinguished neighbour located just a few miles across the City but the par of 70 makes for a true test of golf.

It's a course with few forced carries and hazards placed strategically down the fairways. As one elderly member remarked on my last visit, "You can play here until you are in your nineties."

Indeed the main forced carries come at three of the par 3's. Both the second and 11th require tee-shots from outside the boundary of the course to reach the green, whilst the seventh is played over a large pond.

The course starts off in impressive fashion with a bold opening hole, followed by the short second, then an excellent par five that narrows just where you would like your tee-shot to finish. The first few holes have a hint of heather about them, which promises much, but sadly this doesn't flourish as the round progresses.

Holes four, five and six are all solid yet different par fours and after the treacherous seventh, played over water and with out of bounds lurking on the right, you will enjoy another trio of good two-shotters prior to the short 11th which has no bunkers but an upturned green where it is extremely fiddly to rescue par if missed.

Another run of three par fours are slightly different in nature to the rest of the course with a more tree-lined atmosphere to them and require accuracy off the tee rather than length.

York boasts a tough finish with a long par five at the 15th enhanced by a devilish green, a blind drive at the 16th, a long par three 17th and a fine finishing hole which has an ominous bunker to either carry or steer to the left of from your drive.

Strensall has got a lot going for it. It's a fair course where good shots are rewarded and if you do stray off line there is usually a chance for recovery.

It's a shame there isn't more of a heathland feel to it as this would enhance the course greatly but regardless this is still one course I always look forward to playing.

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