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Reviews rating system.

How we rate: We operate a 0-5 scale rating for our golf course reviews with an emphasis on trying to split hairs between the very best golf courses.

The Holy Grail. The Old Course at St. Andrews is the only course that has gained a 5.0.... so far!

A truly world class golf course - an absolute must play! In our eyes these courses have a little bit of magic, a special ingredient, that transcends them to another level. On these courses you will not only find world-class holes but a stretch (or stretches) of them. It doesn't take many fingers to count the number of these courses.

One of the best golf courses in the World - seriously go out of your way to play here. These are very few and far between as well and also have that touch of stardust but may just have something that holds them back ever-so-slightly from being truly great.

An exceptional golf course - these are golf courses bordering on great and easily good enough to build a golfing trip around. You are likely to see moments of brilliance here but maybe not for the entire round. Perhaps they have a weak hole or two.

4.6: A magnificent golf course. One of the very best golf courses in the UK - walk these fairways and you are playing a very high quality golf course.

A superb golf course. Even though this is our sixth bracket the quality of golf is still of an extremely high standard and for the most part better than that!

An excellent golf course - we highly recommend you play it. These are courses we hold in very high regard.

4.1 - 4.3:
A very good golf course - lots of good things going on here and we strongly advise you play it.

3.6 - 4.0:
A good golf course - well worth playing in our opinion and/or at least researching more to see if it's your type of course.

3.1 - 3.5:
An enjoyable golf course and worth playing. These tend to be either consistently good throughout the 18 holes or they have a mixture of very good holes with some weaker moments. The bulk of the 3,000 or so golf courses in the UK will fall into this bracket or the one below.

2.9 - 3.0:
A nice golf course and one to consider if in the area.

1.5 - 2.8:
OK but nothing special or at least not our personal cup of tea.

0.0 - 1.4:
Avoid at all costs!

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