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Seahouses Golf Club

Date Reviewed
August 8, 2013
Reviewed by Ed Battye
Seahouses is a golf course that will long live in my memory.

It has two awe-inspiring holes that are more than worth the modest green-fee alone.

They both come on the back-nine in the form of par 3's at the 10th and 15th. Both are played over water, the second over the North Sea!

It would be a tough ask of any course to maintain the quality of both these holes throughout the whole of the round and whilst Seahouses comes close at times there are occasions when it falls short, unfortunately way short.

The course starts with a short downhill par three with a really interesting and tricky green. It's an encouraging start but the run of holes from two through to seven fail to live up to the early promise. The low points definitely come at the approach to the second (a hole that essentially shares a fairway with the 17th) and at the fourth which criss-crosses the seventh. We almost played to the wrong green at the second and a sign is required on the fourth tee to inform golfers which green they must play to!

The eighth is the best of the holes 'over the road' whilst the ninth returns to the clubhouse (up the same fairway as the 18th) before you cut across to the green adjacent to the finishing hole. It can all get a bit confusing at times.

HOWEVER, the back nine is a different story!

The 10th is a fabulous par three played over Logans Loch to a perfectly angled green. It's a wonderful hole, especially from the white tees, with every inch of your shot required to carry the water. You may find yourself reaching for an extra club or two to make the carry but go long and you are faced with the potential of chipping back into the hazard. It's a hole that will strike fear into most amateur golfers and although not really a 'links hole' it is a wondrous creation.

From then on you play some really enjoyable cliff-top links with a series of really fun holes. The backdrop to the 11th is amazing as are the views from the tees at 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17. The final two holes are on lower ground and make for a sound finish but in a way they are marred by the presence of the second and ninth.

The 15th is worthy of special mention, all 120 yards of it. Aptly named "The Cove" the tee sits on a cliff overlooking the North Sea, as does the green, with a small rocky inlet to carry in order to reach the putting surface. The beach way below is out of bounds. It's a thrilling shot and despite the shortness of the hole club selection is paramount and nerves of steel are required, especially if there is a brisk sea-breeze gusting.

I can forgive Seahouses its weaknesses because of the drama and quality of the two magnificent par threes.

I think if I were to return I would perhaps try and play the fantastic and quirky back-nine twice and give the outward half a miss though.

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