A solid and well draining golf course

Brampton Heath

Brampton Heath Golf Club

Brampton Heath Golf Club

Date Reviewed
January 12, 2016
Reviewed by Ed Battye
Located on sandy ground, just to the west of Northampton, Brampton Heath is a semi-heathland course that belies its age of less than two decades.

Opened in May 1995 it still shows signs of its youth but the many trees and gorse bushes that were planted to complement the existing trees are in the process of maturing. It could perhaps be argued that many of the trees are not really required but the dabs of gorse certainly add elements of strategy.

Recognised as an excellent winter course it is often open when many others in the Midlands are waterlogged. My round here in January 2016 followed a few weeks of extremely high rainfall and the course was still extremely playable with only a few of the lowland areas showing any real signs of wetness.

Neighbouring the excellent Northamptonshire County Golf Club the course shares similar good turf. There are certainly no poor holes on the layout and several good ones including the first which is a promising introduction to the round and the 18th which is a potential card-wrecker. In-between there’s a decent mix of solid holes.

The greens also fit their surroundings well and offer interest throughout. The only thing that really frustrated me was a number of long walks from green to the next tee.

Effectively a ‘Pay and Play’ course Brampton Heath - par 72, yardage 6,662 - does have a membership and offers excellent value on both fronts.

Admittedly it isn’t a course I’d rush back to play in the summer but it’s definitely a course I will keep on my radar for the off-season or if close-by.

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