Underrated but not under appreciated by us

The only thing that everybody can agree on when rating golf courses is that it's such a subjective matter.

However, there is so much information out there on websites, in books and magazines that it seems a collective opinion has been formed about the best golf courses. It's not quite a closed shop but it's a tough school to break into and the running order is often very similar.

Golf Empire founder, Ed Battye, has played extensively throughout Great Britain & Ireland and below he gives his top most underrated golf courses. These are the ones that he feels do not get the due recognition they deserve in most (not all) of the ranking lists.

The majority of the courses do feature in the various lists so effectively it is a list of the "most underrated highly rated" golf courses! The ones that don't get the credit they deserve relative to their competition. Essentially he feels they should be significantly higher than they generally are.

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